Losing a loved one is tough and reminiscing over photos and dreams never seems enough. The things we long for: the conversations, the laughter, the smiles, and the gaze of their eyes. What if we could recreate that? What if we could keep a digital clone of someone we love?

The way we record and remember our loved ones has changed in pace with the development of technology. From drawings and paintings to physical photos, and now to digital imagery, the next digital step as a medium of memory could be digital clones.

Locket proposes an unorthodox way of saving, capturing, and experiencing our loving memories. It allows the user to capture/upload visual and audio assets of their loved ones. Through analyzing assets including social media, photos, videos, personal interviews, an AI generates a digital clone that resembles them, both in appearance and personality. Once the digital clone is created, the user can interact with them either directly from the mobile app through an AR camera, or by linking it to a Locket device, a device capable of generating holograms and VR experiences.